Q. Are the Prophet Muhammadís parents going to hell? Were they Muslims in any sense?

A: There are several considerations that must be taken here before embarking on answering the question. The first is that only God can answer that. That being said, however, hell is warranted when one knows the truth and refuses to accept it. Unlike the Euro-American legal systems, ignorance of the law DOES become an excuse, since it is God's duty to make the divine known. The other consideration is that speculating on who will enter heaven or hell is beyond our area of expertise, and we studiously shun it since we believe that such judgments are often accompanied by bigotry and inane prejudice, ignoring special circumstances, intention, etc.

Were they Muslims in any sense? We do not know enough about them from reliable sources. From a Shi'ite theological viewpoint, they would have to be "pure" since a Prophet would have to come from such a line. However, that is creedal. Allah knows best.

Posted February 28, 1010