Eschatology (Hereafter)

The Grave and The Second Advent of Jesus Christ
by Allama Ibn Yusuf Khaleel Al-Corentini. An analysis showing how Judeo-Christian influence has shaped Muslim beliefs on the conditions in the grave and second coming of Jesus.

Questions and Answers

Science and the Hereafter
How does one reconcile the apparent contradictions between the divine text and science?

Non-Muslims and deceased Muslims
Can non-Muslim relatives participate in rites when their Muslim relatives die?

Concept of hell
Is the time spent in hell for all eternity and how can a merciful God put His creation through that?

Reincarnation or previous life
Did we exist in some prior life before we took human form?

Janaza for babies
Is the Janaza still performed for babies who are stillborn or die shortly after birth?

Janaza for Muslims whose bodies are lost
Is the Janaza still performed for Muslims whose bodies were incinerated in the World Trade Center and cannot be recovered?

Doing a posthumous aqiqah
Should the aqiqah be done for someone who has passed away?

Taslim for the janazah prayer
Is there one or two taslims when performing the janazah prayer?

Testifying before birth
Do we testify before we are born that we believe in Allah?

Ghusl for death
Is the Ghusl still required for the deceased even if it is done just prior to death?

More questions about the dead
Can Muslims visit grave sites and pray for the dead, and are women allowed to go to cemeteries?

Are there instances in which cremation would be permisible?

Seeing God
Will we be able to physically see Allah in the hereafter?

Sleep and Death
Is there a soul that leaves the body during sleep?

The People of the Book
Do Muslims have exclusive rights to heaven, and are non-Muslims destined for hell?

Praying for and visiting the dead
Can anyone intercede for the dead and change their due?

Headstones and tombstones
Are headstones and tombstones permissible in Muslim cemeteries?

Bathing the Dead
Why is it customary to bathe dead Muslims prior to burial?

Viewing of the Dead
Should dead Muslims be viewed and burial delayed?

Eschatology (Hereafter)