Archbishop Williams, Sharia, and Pathological Liars

by Khalid Jan

February 19, 2008

A ruthless campaign against Archbishop Rowan Williams was orchestrated by the British media, along with some of his co-religionists to have him resign from his post for being sympathetic to some aspects of Sharia.[1] He never proposed the establishment of a parallel Islamic justice system.[2] Sharia councils are functioning in the UK for past 25 years. These councils mainly deal with marriage, divorce, and financial disputes.[3] Judgments from these councils are not recognized by British law.

Remarkable indeed is the fact that a six letter word “activated” the frozen neurons of a multitude of pathological liars and sightless skeptics. Just like a vulture ready to swoop down on its prey, they too remain on their heels to devour anyone who utters the word Sharia.

If it is the secular-atheistic media which feels a mental-electrocution upon hearing the word Sharia, it is to be expected of them. But when a 4th degree Jesuit of the Roman Catholic “scholastic order” jumps on the media’s bandwagon, it clearly demonstrates collective secular-Christian focus to paint Islam in the most frightening way possible.[4]

In the eyes of Jesuit Father Samir Khalil Samir, Sharia is synonymous with the oppression of women, wife-beating, polygyny, and so forth. Let us for now put aside the “eruptive” word Sharia, and look at the statistical data related to the condition of women in the United Kingdomcertainly not the entire female population:

  1. “40-45% of female homicide victims in England and Wales are killed by present or former partners.”[5]
  2. “77% of victims of domestic violence are women… on average; two women are killed every week by a current or former male partner.”[6]
  3. “167 women are raped every day. The British Crime Survey estimates that approximately three-quarters of a million women (754,000) have been raped on at least one occasion since age 16. One woman in nine is severely beaten by her male partner each year. One in four women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime.”[7]
  4. “The UK 's 80,000 prostitutes ‘live in fear of every client’.”[8]
  5. “A survey of more than 2,500 men revealed that 43% of them had paid for sex while having a partner at home.”[9]
  6. “TEENAGE girls are being kidnapped and smuggled into Britain to be sold as sex slaves for pounds 3,000 each.”[10]

The United Kingdom’s legal system is based on “English common law.” – all civil and criminal laws are derived from the “common law.” The above-mentioned acts of savagery were committed in the UK under functional “common law,” together with cancer-ridden democracy and decomposing Christianity.

In his article “Sharia and English law: a weakened Europe abandons humanism,” Father Samir speaks highly of “European humanism.” His blanket use of this term is totally obscure. Humanism could be viewed from multiple angles, such as cultural, philosophical, Christian, secular, and so on. To which humanist camp does he belong, no clear explanation is given in his article.   

As per The North American New Humanist Forum website, “Humanists are internationalists, aspiring to a universal human nation. While understanding the world they live in as a single whole, humanists act in their immediate surroundings. Humanists seek not a uniform world but a world of multiplicity: diverse in ethnicity, languages and customs; diverse in local and regional autonomy; diverse in ideas and aspirations; diverse in beliefs, whether atheist or religious; diverse in occupations and in creativity.”[11]

A number of European countries – including Australia - are developing citizenship tests that are Muslim-centric. Applicants who wish to acquire citizenship, in addition to worded questions, are shown pictures of topless women, and gay men kissing.[12] In 2000, the Danish government changed the immigration law to particularly ban Muslim immigrant women under 25 from “forcibly” marrying someone from their home country. European immigrants are not subject to this law.[13] Is this the so called “European humanism” that Father Samir is worried about being lost to a six letter word?

Population growth in Europe has gone from positive to negative, and this could continue throughout the 21st century. If the current trend of 1.5 births per woman remains constant until 2020, there will be 88 million less Europeans by 2100.[14] What rational and intelligent solution have the Europeans come up with to deal with this futuristic decline of the “superior race?”

When Muslim economic slaves were imported for greasing the European machinery, expectation from the masters was that, in time, these slaves will either embrace Christianity or adapt to a secular-atheistic way of life. Since their intended plan didn’t unfold, it was time for the contingency plan to be put into effect: attack Muhammad, the Quran, and Islam.[15]

The pornography of European SOCIAL-DECAY has reached its apex.[16] Neither their Christian heritage nor their social norms have anything beneficial to offer to the rest of humanity. A passive, feminized, Europeanized, and Christianized Jesus has been, so far, unable to liberate the greater part of humanity from the sin of disbelief and social misery.  

Early European policy makers may have been smart, but definitely not intelligent. Were they intelligent and wise, they would never have opted for importing Muslim economic slaves. They could have adopted only one verse from the Quran that allows a man to marry up to four wives. This way, the native European population growth would have been astronomical. No need to pay for sex and encourage prostitution, no trafficking of women for forced sex, no sex tourism and no encouragement for having animals as sex partners.[17]  

Europe, once and for all, must learn and understand that Islam is not its enemy. Islam and conscious-minded Muslims want to see this great continent prosper and not get lost into the feeble yellow pages of history.

Islam, in essence, is a divinely revealed moral ideology. The aim of its teaching is to take an agitated, extravagant, and unchecked human and turn him/her into a God-conscious, morally sound, and obedient servant of the Most High.

The respected late Pope John Paul II was strongly in favor of continuous dialogue with Muslims; irrespective of any constructive outcome. The then-cardinal Ratzinger, known for his hostility towards Islam, agreed to engage in dialogue with Muslims if he could persuade them to convert to Christianity – of course the Roman Catholic version. Furthermore, the Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze is reported to have said: “From sincere Muslims, Christians can learn, for example, the courage of sincere prayer. They pray five times a day, and no matter where they are – be it the railway station or the airport – they will do it.”[18]

During such highly charged times, what prompted Archbishop  Williams  to say “he could foresee a place for aspects of Sharia law in Britain in the future?”[19] Since no comprehensible explanation is given by the Archbishop himself, to make speculative comments, as others – including Jesuit Father Samir – have done would be utterly unjust.

We may agree or disagree with the Archbishop’s “controversial” statement, but credit must be given to him for his open, bold, and fearless manner of speaking his mind.

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Posted February 27, 2008 with the author's permission.