Killing in the name of God cannot be abided
by Khaleel Mohammed. The Muslim world is in dire need of introspection and reformation.

Islam: An Inside and Outside View
Many Western media organizations use misinformation to portray Islam as a backward and violent religion.

Some Advice for New Muslim Converts
Some Muslims are driving new converts away from the faith instead of making them feel welcome.

Synopsis of Some Qur'anic Themes
Some Qur'anic themes gleaned from Muhammad Asad's "The Message of the Qur'an."

A Letter to CAIR about the Qur'an Project
Some advice for CAIR regarding the distribution of Qur'ans.

A Short History Of Islam In The Caribbean
A brief synopsis of how Islam made its way to the West Indies.

Response to Evangelicals
We will not be entertaining any evangelicals who disparage our faith.

Fixed Calendar for Ramadan
Finally the beginning of the end to decades of chaos over moon sighting.

Islam and Western Civilization
by Dr. Mohammad Fadhel Jamali. A speech delivered over 72 years ago that is still relevant today.

Letters on Islam
by Dr. Mohammad Fadhel Jamali. Letters on Islam from an Iraqi father to his son.

Shari'a Court
by Mohamad K. Yusuff. Is a shari'a legal system good for Muslims living in the West?

by Mohamad K. Yusuff. A letter to the Guyana Chronicle on the issue of homosexuality.

Editorial - The Sunnah
A perspective on how to approach the Sunnah.

A letter to the Nigerian Government
An appeal to Nigeria for justice in the case of stoning to death.

Guyana Dedicates Historic Masjid Site
by Mohamad K. Yusuff. A brief story about a masjid site in South America.