Where is the Christ in "Christianity?"
by Dr. Laurence B. Brown. Insightful article related to what Jesus and Paul preached.

The Case of the Overlooked Fatwa
by Khaleel Mohammed. A synopsis of Shaykh Mahmoud Shaltut's Fatwa on the second coming of Jesus.

The Impact of Jesus on Religion and Politics
by Abdul H. Manraj. A brief analysis of Jesus' elevation to godly status and current religious and political implications.

Did Jesus Ascend? A Qur'anic View
by M. A. Malek. Was Jesus physically taken up to heaven and is he still alive today?

The Story of Jesus as told by the Qur'an
by Mohamad K. Yusuff. Jesus was no more than a prophet and the concept of the trinity is rejected.

Questions and Answers

Prophet Muhammad's miracles
Did the Prophet perform all of the miracles attributed to him?

The Prophet's parents
Will the Prophet's parents go to hell?

The Accuracy of Stories
Are all of the stories in the Qur'an (e.g., Noah preaching for 950 years) literally / historically accurate or just repeated to get a message across?

Mythology in the Qur'an
Was prevailing mythology about the past prophets used in the Qur'anic revelation?

Noah's lifespan
Why does the Qur'an state that Noah lived for 950 years when that could not have been possible based on scientific and anthropological evidence?
Click here for a follow up question and answer.

The Jewish Messiah
Who predicted the coming of a Jewish Messiah and what is his purpose?

Interpreting Abraham's test
What is the message from Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son?

Jesus, the miraj and kufr
More on the birth and death of Jesus, the Prophet's ascension, and Muslim kuffar.

Concubines in the Prophet's time
Did the Prophet have concubines, and what is the meaning of the term "those whom your right hand possess?"

The ummi Prophet
Was the Prophet Muhammad really illiterate or just a gentile?

Moses and Khidr
What can we learn from the story of Moses and Khidr?

Jesus and the Mahdi
Was the birth of Jesus miraculous and will he return? Why do we need the Mahdi?

Allah and His Messenger have decided
Is everything written in stone or is there room for debate and analysis?