Modesty in Men
by Nikhat Sattar. The command for men to observe modesty is conveniently overlooked in the Muslim world.

A hijab should not be required attire for Muslim women
by S. Amjad Hussain. Another insightful perspective about the mandatory "hijab" for women.

As Muslim women, we actually ask you not to wear the hijab in the name of interfaith solidarity
by Asra Q. Nomani and Hala Arafa. Analysis of the meaning of the word "hijab" and its alleged requirement for women.

As a Muslim man, I am sick of our obsession with the hijab
by Ro Waseem. Interesting article about the double standards and sexual objectification of women.

Why I as a Muslim Woman Don't Wear a Headscarf
by Lamya Kaddor. German Muslim academic provides her perspective on this "indelible" piece of Muslim attire.

Towards a Progressive Interpretation of Islam
by A. Faizur Rahman. In the Qur'anic concept, marriage is the bonding of two minds which cannot be achieved simultaneously with more than one woman.

Ladies As Hooded Bandits
by Khalid Hasan. An analysis of the "hijab" and "niqab."

Made from Adam s Rib The Issue of Woman s Creation
by Dr. Riffat Hassan. A different perspective on who was created first (man or woman).
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The Qur'an On Polygamy
by Dr. Riffat Hassan. Another analysis of polygamy from a Qur'anic perspective.

Still Quarelling Over The Qur'an
by Asma Barlas. An analysis of the debates surrounding the right and authority of Muslim women to interpret the Qur'an.

The Hijab Controversy
by Abdul H. Manraj. Many Muslims speak with forked tongues, claiming that women have equal rights while simultaneously preaching and practicing misogyny.

A Gender Jihad for Islam's Future
by Asra Q. Nomani. A few Muslim women are pushing for much needed change in the Islamic world.

Going Where I Know I Belong
by Asra Q. Nomani. Thoughtful article that examines male chauvinism in the Muslim world and the mosque in particular, and its detrimental effects on women.

Traditional Ignominies
by Asma Barlas. Insightful look at how patriarchal influences and interpretations have become the norm and even religious law in Islam.

Splitting Hair To Cover Hair
by Dolly Z. Hassan. Another perspective on whether or not the hijab is required for Muslim women.

Honor Killings in the Name of Religion
by Mohamad K. Yusuff. In some Muslim countries, the treatment of women is reminiscent of the jahilliyya period.

The Taliban: Believers or Enemies?
by Aisha Harris. Many Muslims habitually refuse to speak out against atrocities committed by other "Muslims."

Women In Islam: Hijab
by Ibrahim B. Syed (President of the Islamic Research Foundation International). Is the hijab mandatory for every society at all times?
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Women in Islam and Muslim Society
by Hassan Al-Turabi. Many Muslim societies restrict and confine women, which is contrary to the Qur'an and Prophetic tradition.

Polygamy in Islam: Not a Rule
by Taha Jabir Al-Alwani. This privilege (also divorce) is misunderstood and abused by some Muslims.

Muslim Women and Tradition
by Abdul Hafeez Manraj. A look at how culture and misguided beliefs influence women's dress code.
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Questions and Answers

Hijab for the Mosque
Why do all women wear the hijab to go to the mosque if it is not required?

Divorce while angry
Is a divorce that is pronounced during a fit of anger still valid?

Sex with female captives
Was it the norm and Islamically permissible to have sex with female captives?

Gender Inequality in Islam
Does the Qur'an endorse misogyny and second class status for women?

Interfaith Relationship
Some challenges faced by a Christian woman in her relationship with a Muslim man.

Rights of a mother-in-law
What rights does a mother-in-law have over her daughter-in-law?

Question About Fasting Fatwa
Why are menstruating or post-natal women required to make up missed fasts?

Interfaith Marriage Fatwa
Aren't fathers responsible for raising their kids and teaching them their religion?

Necessity of a Wali
Is a Wali necessary even for an adult woman?

Marrying A Divorcee
In some parts of the Muslim world, why does culture take precedence over the sunnah?

Punishment for Women
Why do so many ahadith disparage women?

Marriage and Divorce
Is a woman still required to marry a different man after going through three divorces with the same husband?

Aisha's age
Was Aisha (r.a) really nine years old when she got married?

Question about interfaith marriage
How do you justify your position that Muslim women can marry non-Muslim men when the majority of scholars are against it?

Divorce and maintenance
How long is a Muslim husband required to pay alimony to his ex-wife?
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Electronic divorce
Is it permissible to divorce someone electronically, i.e., via e-mail or text messaging?

What is the Islamic view on surrogacy to overcome infertility?

Muslim Woman in Police Force
Why do Muslim women go to work in environments that they deem are at odds with their religious beliefs?

Women's right to property
What property rights do women have in Islam, and what are the obligations of both women and men when it comes to wealth and property?

Female-led Prayer
Should women Imams be allowed to lead mixed-gender congregations in prayer?

Women and janazah
Should women be prevented from visiting the cemetery?

Menses and Prayer
Which Qur'anic verses prohibit women from fasting and praying during the menses?

Women and Prayer
Why do women have to pray behind men?

Paradise lies at the feet of mothers
What lesson is there for us from the hadith on this subject?

Women and Hajj, rapists, and minors
Can actresses and belly dancers perform Hajj, should rapists be allowed to marry their victims, and why convert minors to marry them?

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Some parts of the Muslim world practice this custom in the name of Islam, but is it justifiable?

Women as leaders and eradicating non-Muslims
Can women be leaders and should non-Muslims be wiped out?

Women as witnesses and their share of inheritance
Why double the number of women witnesses and half their inheritance?

Nail Polish and Clapping
Does nail polish nullify a woman's wudu and is clapping disallowed in Islam?

Muslim men can marry non-Muslim women
But Muslim women don't have the same freedom. Why the double standard?
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Those evil women and children's education
Do women lead men to hell and who's responsible for children's education?