Social and Geopolitical

Social and Geopolitical

Islam: The State or Civilisation?
by Asghar Ali Engineer. Is there such a thing as an "Islamic State?"

by M. A. Malek. An explanation of the definition of jihad.

Archbishop Williams, Shari'a, and Pathological Liars
by Khalid Jan. A look at the controversy surrounding Shari'a in the U.K.

Disassociation Is Not An Option
by Dr. Muneer Fareed. When issues arise, religious authorities must respond quickly and comprehensively with the required information.

The Connectivity and Cross Fertilization of Civilizations
by Sadek Jawad Sulaiman. Lecture at George Mason University about Muslim contributions to the world's civilizations.

Pope Benedict XVI, His Companions and Their Deceptions
by Khalid Jan. Well researched article on the Bavarian provocateur and his minions.

Fundamentalism - A Look at the F-word
by Khaleel Mohammed. Muslims should be careful about which lexical terms they use to describe themselves.

Misreading the Signs of God
by Mohamad K. Yusuff. Beware of mullahs and local preachers who misread the 'Signs of God' relating to catastrophes and natural disasters.

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body
by Mohamad K. Yusuff. Rest and relaxation play an important role in our lives.
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Islam and The African American Ethos
by Ghayth Nur Kashif. The Muslim legacy and memory of Malcolm X abused.

The African American's Islamic Heritage
by Ghayth Nur Kashif. African Americans should familiarize themselves with their heritage.

The Muslim ID: What's in a Name? (A Qur'anic Perspective)
by Ghayth Nur Kashif. Do we take our identities and purpose in this world for granted?

The New Muslim Challenge
by Ghayth Nur Kashif. Can Muslims overcome their schisms and fulfill their obligations?

Dangers of Excess, Extremism among Muslims
by Ghayth Nur Kashif. Traditional baggage and blind following of alien ideologies pose a serious threat to Islam in the West.

The Theological Struggle within Islam
by Mohamad K. Yusuff. The stalemate between the literalists and reformists continues with no end in sight.

Questions and Answers

Politics and Public Law in Islam
What is the role of religion-based restrictions in the public sphere?

Gays, Lesbians, and Suicide
Are gays, lesbians, and those who commit suicide condemned to hell?

Participation in non-Muslim Religious Events
Can Muslims participate in non-Muslim religious events to show respect?

Perceived Religious Rights
Do religious obligations take precedence over ethics and safety?

Religion and Terrorism
Is there any support for terrorism in Muslim doctrine?

Adoption in Islam
Some clarification regarding the rules related to adoption in Islam.

Qualifications and Affiliations
What are Dr. Mohammed's qualifications and why does he have questionable affiliations?

What is the Islamic / Muslim claim on Masjid-Al-Aqsa?

Organizational affiliations
Why is Dr. Mohammed affiliated with organizations that denigrate Islam and Muslims?

Insulting other religions
Should Muslims respond in kind by insulting other religions?

Questions about Radical Islam
Is Islam a religion that promotes violence and a clash of civilizations?

Views on Islam and apostasy
Is Islam a hate-filled religion that punishes apostasy with death?

Some questions about Islam and Judaism
What does the Qur'an and hadith really say about Jews and Judaism?

Non-Muslims and the right to vote
Do non-Muslims have no right to vote in an Islamic society?

Those blameless Muslims
Are we supposed to ignore and blindly support Muslims who commit atrocities?

Responding to non-Muslims
How should Muslims respond to non-Muslims who antagonize them by insulting Islam?

Anti-Muslim Propaganda
How should Muslims deal with all of the anti-Islam / anti-Muslim propaganda since September 11, 2001?

Non-Muslims and holy sites
Why aren't non-Muslims allowed to visit Islam's holy sites?

How should Muslims deal with the issue of riba in today's economy?

Muslim-Christian Debate
Should debates between Muslims and Christians be encouraged?

Associating with non-Muslims
Are Muslims allowed to associate with non-Muslims or even atheists?

Celebrating holidays in Islam
Does Islam permit the celebration of holidays?

Traditions explaining a nikah
Which ahadith (Prophetic traditions) describe the procedures for conducting a nikah (wedding) ceremony?

Getting a haircut
Is it permissible for a Muslim man or woman to give haircuts to members of either sex?

Mirza and Muhammad Ali
Can we selectively choose what we accept and reject from a "scholar"?

Procedures for a nikah
What are the minimum requirements for conducting a nikah (wedding) ceremony?

Separation for wedding
Does Islam require that a bride and groom be separated during the marriage ceremony?

The position of dogs in Islam
What is the Islamic position on having dogs as pets?

Engagement before marriage
Is it Islamically permissible for a couple to get engaged before marrying?

Sectarianism and Stagnation
The probability of global Muslim unity is the same as that of a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

Is Islam logical?
If something does not make sense, does that mean that there is no logic in it?

The benefits of wine
If there are benefits to wine, why is it prohibited?

Theft and punishment
Why is such a harsh punishment (amputation of the hand) prescribed and when is it applied?

Number of witnesses
Why does the Qur'an dictate four witnesses for an offence, and not three, two, or even one?

Going to the beach
Should Muslims go to the beach and what is the proper attire?

Homosexuality and Lesbianism
Is there any tolerance for homosexuaity and lesbianism in Islam?
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Spelling of the Qur'an
What is the correct spelling and meaning of the word Qur'an?

Censorship in Islam
Is censorship permissible and how should the Salman Rushdie affair have been handled?

Relations with parents
How should children treat parents who are unbelievers?

Parental duties to children
Does the Qur'an address the issue of parents' duties to their children?

Beards and Clothing
Do we have to adopt foreign dress codes and cultural practices to be good Muslims?

Convert or Revert?
Are new Muslims really returning to Islam or accepting a new faith?

Left versus Right
Is the use of the left hand or foot really linked with the devil?

Cultural Greetings
Are Muslims allowed to greet other Muslims and non-Muslims according to custom?

Social and Geopolitical