Belief and Practice

Belief and Practice

Why Muslims lag behind
by Khushwant Singh. One of the primary reasons for Muslim backwardness is the influence of uninformed preachers.

Ramadan fasting: Modern opposition to age-old rules
by Tehmina Kazi. Some advice for Muslims who fast for ridiculously long hours depending on geographic location.

A Muslim Approach to Western Studies of Islam
by Khaleel Mohammed. A recommendation for Muslims in academia on how to teach religion classes.

The Criminals of Islam
by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed. An insightful look at how many illogical hadith are unquestioningly accepted and have become entrenched in Islam.

Perspectives from Some Modern Muslim Intellectuals
by Abdul H. Manraj. A brief essay about ten modern Muslim intellectuals and their views on the Qur'an and Islam.

New Approaches to "Biblical" Materials in the Qur'an
by Marilyn R. Waldman. A comparative look at the Biblical and Qur'anic story about the prophet Yusuf (Joseph).

Moon Sighting to Moon Fighting
by Aslam Abdullah. Another thought-provoking article about the folly of naked eye moon sighting to start and end the Islamic months.
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Intolerance and Fanaticism in the Muslim World
by Abdul H. Manraj. A summary of Nasr Abu Zaid's perspective on how Muslims should interpret divine revelation.

Hadith Polemic and the Muslim Psyche
by Abdul H. Manraj. A synopsis of Fazlur Rahman's views on the Sunnah / Hadith.
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Does Taqdir Imply Predestination?
by M. A. Malek and Mrs. Sajeda Malek. An analysis of the concept of predestination in Islam.
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Zayd ibn Thabit and the Glorious Qur'an
by Mohamad K. Yusuff. A brief biography of this important and often overlooked personality in Islam.

An Introduction to Hadith Literature
by Mohamad K. Yusuff. A summary providing a historical background on the development of ahadith and their relevance in Islam.

An Introduction to Sadaqah and Zakat
by Mohamad K. Yusuff. A traditional summary regarding the Muslim obligation of charity.

Islamic Intellectualism
by Murad Hofmann. Some insight into Islamic intellectual history as a guidance for Islam in the 21st century.

Why Have We Stagnated?
by Arfaque Malik. Some thoughts on what Muslims need to do to awaken from their slumber.

Muhammad Al-Ghazali's View on Abrogation in the Qur'an
by Khaleel Mohammed. Muhammad Al-Ghazali argues that the concept of abrogation in the Qur'an is "crass stupidity."

Allah (swt) Provides For All...!
by Shaykh Jamal Farouk Housein. A sermon (khutbah) about the use and abuse of our sustenance (rizq).

The Moon Sighting Controversy
by M. A. Malek. A proposed solution for the debacle Muslims face every year as Ramadan approaches.
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Bid'ah (Innovation)
by Khaleel Mohammed. Bid'ah, specifically in ritual aspects of worship, leads us astray and causes disunity.
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Questions and Answers

Does this prayer have precedent and should Muslims perform it?

Should Muslims place any reliance on astrology?

Going Against Accepted Doctrine
How should one deal with labels like heresy and blasphemy just for going against the norm?

The Future of Islam
Does Islam have a future in an increasingly secular world?

Mu'min and Muslim
Is there a difference between a Mu'min and a Muslim?

Trousers and Portraits
Does Islam prohibit wearing trousers (pants) below the ankles and taking photos?

Qur'an versus Hadith
Is Muslim decadence due to the fact that they have given preference to the hadith over the Qur'an?

What is the origin of Ashura and how did this tradition become entrenched in Islam?

Questions about beliefs
Some questions about traditionally accepted beliefs in holy books, prophets, and judgment.

Hadith and Love for the Prophet
Did the Prophet really say that we have to love him more than ourselves to be true believers?
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Preemptive Fasts
Can one do preemptive fasts and how does one make up for missed fasts from years before?
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Laws of Inheritance
Do the Qur'anic guidelines regarding laws of inheritance apply for all time regardless of circumstances?

Evolution and Religion
Are science and religion compatible when it comes to evolution?

Life insurance
Is it allowable to have life insurance?

Correct number of prayers
What is the correct number of daily prayers, is it three or five?

Is it permissible to resort to cannibalism in life or death situations?

Composition of Jinns
Is it possible that Jinns are composed of dark matter?

Possession by Jinns
Can Jinns take control of our lives and can they be exorcised?
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Human evolution
Is the idea of human evolution supported in Islam?

Jews, alcohol, hadith, and ijma
Some additional questions and clarification on the above items?

Halal meat
What is the definition of halal meat and what is permissible to consume?

Four Schools Of Thought
Which of the four major schools of thought should be followed?

Time for Jumu'a
Can the Jumu'a prayer be performed before dhuhr time?

Eid-ul-Adha animal sacrifice
Are animal sacrifices still required even when a lot of the meat is wasted?
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Qur'anic Readings
Are certain customs like Qur'anic readings for various occasions permissible in Islam?
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Definition of atheism
What defines an atheist and is he / she condemned to hell?

Definition of Munafiq
What are the definitions of "munafiq" and "riya"?

What are the required elements of a khutba?

The number 19 and shirk
Questions about the relevance of the number 19 and shirk.

What is the Islamic perspective on masturbation?

Obeying Those in Authority
What does it mean to obey those in authority?

Question about tattoos
Is there any prohibition against tattoos?

Questions about various faiths
Some questions dealing with various faiths, exclusivity, and the loss of innocent life.

Sunni Shia Polemic
Who's right when it comes to differences between the Sunni and Shia over the adhan?

Is circumcision a requirement and when is the best time?

Touching Parents' Feet
What is the Islamic view on touching parents' feet?

Commandments in the Qur'an
Is there the equivalent of Ten Commandments in the Qur'an?

Contradictions in the Qur'an
Are there contradictory verses in the Qur'an that cause confusion?

The status of ahadith
Are the ahadith on par with the Qur'an?

Symbolizing Islam
How did the crescent and star come to symbolize Islam?
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Ramadan and fasting during the summer months
How long should one fast during the summer months in areas with extremely long days?

Qur'anic Methodology
Can Muslims apply the historical critical method to the Qur'an?

Interpreting Islam
Do some "scholars" have a monopoly on interpreting the Qur'an and Islamic theology?

Understanding Qadr
Is Qadr and destiny part of Islamic belief?

Studying Islam and the Qur'an
Some suggested reading and a recommended approach for studying Islam and the Qur'an.

The five pillars in Islam
What is the origin of the five pillars in Islam?

Suhoor time
Is the time for suhoor (the morning meal before fasting) written in stone or is there some flexibility?

Qur'anic laws
Are the Qur'anic laws immutable or open to reinterpretation?

Accounting for Zakat
What is the correct amount for zakat and does it vary depending on the amount of income?

The power of sura al-Ikhlas
Does reading this sura three times generate the same amount of blessings as reading the entire Qur'an?

Black magic
Is there any such thing as black magic / voodoo and can a person cast a spell on someone?

The crescent and star
What is the significance of the crescent and star in Islam?

The Black Stone in the Kaaba
What is the origin and significance of the Black Stone?

Music and singing
Does Islam prohibit music and singing?

The miracle of the Qur'an
Is the Qur'an a miracle because it is divine revelation?

Leading multiple prayers
Can an Imam lead multiple Eid prayers at different masajid on the same day?

Tarawih and tahajjud prayers
What is the correct number of rakaats for the tarawih and tahajjud prayers, and are they obligatory?

Mistake during the prayer
Does one make the additional sajdahs before or after the taslim?

Shaving the private areas
Is this tradition still a requirement for Muslims?

The four sacred months
Which months are sacred, and is Ramadan one of them?

Praying on Airplanes
Do we have to inconvenience others to meet our religious obligations?

Is everything in our lives preordained, and do we have no control over our destiny?
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Houris and Extraterrestrials
Are there 72 houris waiting for you, and is there extraterrestrial life?

Translating the Qur'an
Can the Qur'an be understood in Arabic only, or other languages as well?

Kufr and Shirk
What are the definitions of kufr and shirk, and who are the kuffar?
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Losing one's wudu during prayer
What does the Imam or a member of the congregation do when this happens?

Deductions from Qur'anic ayat
The Qur'an should be understood as a thematic whole, and not piecemeal.

God is not restricted to time and space
Does that mean that as far as Allah is concerned, the future has already happened?

Blind following (taqlid)
Can people communicate with the dead, is blind allegiance allowed in Islam, and what is the significance of "786?"

Zakah and non-Muslim donations
Can zakah be given from the next fiscal year, and can donations be taken from non-Muslims?

Prayer beads and odd numbers
What is the origin of prayer beads, and the preference for odd over even numbers?

Takbir and the adhan and iqamah for newborns
Is the takbir from the Prophetic tradition, and should we recite the adhan and iqamah in a new baby's ears?

The aqiqah for newborns
How did this tradition start, and is it still required?
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Body and soul, riba, and miraj
A different perspective on the concept of the body and soul, riba, and the miraj.

Interpreting dreams
Do we need the equivalent of Freud or Jung in Islam?

Dogs, statues, gold and silk
Why does Islam prohibit dogs and statues, and gold and silk for men?

Making up Prayers
Should one make up missed prayers or just overlook them?

To recite or not
During a communal prayer, in which instances do members of the congregation recite?

One is late for Jum'ua
How many rakaats before and after the fard, and is it wrong to pray while the khutba is being delivered?

Combining the Prayers
Is this only allowed when traveling, or at other times as well?

Breaking the fast and Fitrana
When does one say the du'a, and what is the correct amount for charity?

People arrive after the Tarawih has started
What is the correct procedure for praying the Fard for Isha?

The Moon Sighting Issue
Was the moon sighting meant to be a permanent injunction and an act of worship?

Punishment for Adultery
In Islam, there is no stoning to death as punishment for adultery, period!

Sacrifice for the Eid-ul-Adha
Are Muslims who do not perform the Hajj required to sacrifice an animal? Why is a name given?

Some Prayers (Salawat) are performed silently
Now that conditions have changed, why can't all prayers be recited the same way?

Paid Imams
What are the conditions under which Imams should be paid?

Congregational Du'a after the Prayer (Salah)
Is the du'a part of the prayer, or can it be done separately?

Congregational Recitation of the Qur'an
How did this practice start, and is it permissible?

The Qur'an and Sunnah / Hadith
Can the Qur'an stand on its own? Is the term Sunnah synonymous with Hadith?

Belief and Practice